Where should you keep aftershave?

where should you keep aftershaveAs I have referred to in previous articles, there are many common misunderstandings and mistakes regarding the application and wearing of fragrance. No doubt it is a subject I will be returning to again and again. However, on this occasion, I am not referring only to the misguided purchase and application of cheap scent or indeed the wanton over application of expensive ones (thus not quite leaving the impression one might have hoped for). No, this article is about something even more fundamental and no less important; where should you store your beloved fragrances?

If I were to question you right now as to the location of your expensive cologne, I have no doubt your reply would contain the words “bathroom” and “cabinet”. However were you aware that your expensive fragrances should not actually be stored in the bathroom at all?

I will hand you over at this point to renowned perfume expert Dr Marlen Harrison

“Heat and moisture can cause scent oils to break down. It spoils the smell and can alter the product entirely.”

Some fragrances we own can be the result of a not inconsiderable monetary investment, either by ourselves or by others in the form of a lavish gift. So would it not be prudent to take care of your investment by moving into the bedroom? After all, if you had invested thousands of pounds in a vintage Ferrari, it would be highly unwise to park it in the street.

As I have mentioned previously, it is important to remember that ‘Cologne’ and ‘perfume’ simply are not gender specific. Too many believe that “cologne” is a for gentleman and perfume for a lady rather than these two terms being merely a measure of the strength of a fragrance and how much perfume oil has been used in its manufacture.

Simply put, aftershave (or “splash” as it sometimes referred to) is the weakest followed by eau de Cologne, with around 3 per cent concentration of fragrance oil. Eau de toilette has around 10%, while eau de perfume has between 15 and 20%. Straight perfume has around 25% concentration.

It does go without saying that the greater the figure, the more costly the product. That said, eau de perfume will undoubtedly last much longer, as only a small dab or two is needed at a time. It also has a much greater longevity when applied.

Anyway, I digress, the most important thing to remember is that to keep your fragrances in tip top condition they should be relocated from the bathroom to the bedroom. Protect your investment and it, in turn, will serve you well.